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At TerraDiversa we get emails and visits from travelers looking to explore the islands, and most of them ask “Which boat do you recommend?” But choosing the right Galapagos cruise isn’t as easy as you might think.

There are more than a hundred boats with permission to cruise the islands, and when choosing between them you need to take into account several aspects: the type of boat, its size, the quality of the accommodation, food and facilities, the level of the guides they hire and the itinerary that they run. You can read more about choosing the right Galapagos experience in our Galapagos Travel Guide.

At TerraDiversa we only work with the best boats that over the years have proved to offer reliable and trust-worthy service. To help you pick the right Galapagos cruise for you, we’ve created the following easy-to-use illustration. Enjoy!


Choosing the Right Galapagos Experience

Make sure you understand the options when it comes to booking your once-in-a-lifetime Galapagos experience.

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