By Cecilia Bogaard

I first came on board to advise TerraDiversa on how to improve communication with the outside world using its website. In the process, and after getting to know the aims of the company and the way its team works, we decided that their image was in need of a revamp in order to attract more attention online.

A travel company aiming to captivate customers from all around the world needs a cutting edge website and logo that can be adapted to all the digital platforms. Whether you’re in Cuenca, London, Sydney or Timbuktu, travel companies are competing in a global market and need to project a sophisticated and worldly image.

“It was necessary to update the TerraDiversa logo and create a fresh look which fits with the concept of cosmopolitan travel,” explains Iona Aponte from Ioshi design_lab in Cuenca, Ecuador. We replaced the old image of a leaf with foot and bird prints, with a hiking boot print. “The boot print is more relevant to a travel experience as it evokes the wish to create unique experiences and leave our mark on new destinations,” she continues.

In keeping with the concept of their website, which has focused attention on images and usability (meaning an easy-to-use interface), we decided to simplify their marketing material. For example, rather than flyers, which tend to end up in rubbish bins across the city, we opted to print stunning postcards travelers can send home to friends and family throughout the world.

TerraDiversa will be incorporating their new corporate image into every element of their company over time, but here’s a sneak preview of things to come. Thank you Ioshi!







About Cecilia Bogaard

Cecilia started working with TerraDiversa in 2013 after a decade based in southern Spain as marketing and communications director for several companies and foundations, and director of the digital magazine Tertulia Andaluza. With a Masters in Social Anthropology and a second degree in Photography, she is exploring Ecuador with her family from her base camp in Cuenca. She creates communication and marketing strategies at Tertulia Communication.