Chorro Waterfall & Yunguilla Valley

If you’re looking to explore the area surrounding Cuenca, this spectacular tour is filled with contrasting landscapes as you travel from Cuenca to the nearby valley of Yunguilla to visit a historic battle ground, el chorro waterfall and Jubones Desert.


On this one-day tour your first stop will take you to visit the historic site of the Battle of Tarqui (Battle of Portete de Tarqui) to learn about its history. As you drive you will marvel at views of the subtropical valley of Yunguilla before traveling up to the base of a spectacular waterfall known as El Chorro and surrounded by cloud forests. Next you’ll descend into the Yunguilla valley and continue until you reach the arid desert of Jubones to enjoy a short hike. You can then relax during lunch at a local restaurant to reflect on your day.

This tour includes

· A bilingual (English/Spanish) guide
· Private transportation
· Lunch
· Entrance fees

This tour does not include

· Travel insurance
· Tips
· Any other service not mentioned herein

Packing tips

· Good walking shoes
· Rain jacket
· Sun cream


Battle of Tarqui
This battle took place on February 27th 1829 at Portete de Tarqui near Cuenca and was fought between troops from Gran Colombia (a single nation made up of the current Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela after they won independence from Spain) and Peru. The army of Gran Colombia was commanded by Antonio José de Sucre while the Peruvian army was commanded by José de la Mar. It was a victory for Gran Colombia, though the casualties were high with 360 dead and wounded for Gran Colombia, 1000 dead and wounded for Peru and 600 desertions on the Gran Colombia side.
Chorro de Girón
El Chorro de Girón (known as El Chorro) is a 70m waterfall surrounded by cloud forests located 5km above the town of Girón. El Chorro is actually made up of two waterfalls: the first is easy to get to while the second is a much tougher hike. The water collects at the foot of the waterfall in a gorgeous pool. Some believe that the water can purify body and spirit. Legend has it that the waterfall is enchanted and that when a person reaches the top of the mountain a light rain begins to fall accompanied by fog. This disappears the moment the person leaves the area.
Jubones Desert
About 40km west of Saraguro the valley of River Jubones is known as the Jubones Desert. The ground is covered in xerophytic vegetation including cactus species and thorny mimosa trees. Donkeys and goats are allowed to forage wild and agriculture is only possible in irrigated areas. The temperatures are far warmer than the surrounding mountains. The area is ideal for walking, bird-watching and reptile spotting.
Located 45 minutes from Cuenca and surrounded by rugged mountain ranges, the valley of Yunguilla is known as a lush paradise for those looking for a weekend escape from Cuenca. The climate is warmer than Cuenca and the area is used for farming sugar cane, coffee, flowers, bananas and other fruits.


Tour type # passengers Price (per person)
Private 1 $135
Private 2 $117
Private 3 $88
Private 4-5 $78
Private 6-7 $65
Private 8-9 $61
Private 10-15 $59
Private 16-25 $55
Private 26+ $53