Cuenca Expat Tour

We’ve created an exclusive tour for those thinking of moving to Cuenca and looking to get to know the city with the help of seasoned expats who are fully integrated into the expatriate community and local culture.


We’ve joined forces with some of Cuenca’s most active expats to create the perfect tour for those looking to get a real feel of life in Cuenca.
The tour begins with a walking tour of the historic center of Cuenca and the banks of the beautiful river Tomebamba. En route you’ll see historic and cultural places of interest, top restaurants, banks, hospitals, expat hangouts, indigenous markets, pharmacies and other aspects indispensable to everyday life.
The tour will also point out where expats live and play, showing you the location of local “Gringo Nights” organized in local bars and restaurants for newbies. You’ll also visit Turi to enjoy the incredible view of the Cuenca, as well primary expat neighborhoods to familiarize you with the types of housing and neighborhoods available.
This tour can be completely customized to suit your needs and interests, so please make sure to specify them at the time of booking. If you’re an art collector for example, you will be taken to see some of the best local artists and ceramicists.

This tour includes

· A bilingual (English/Spanish) guide
· Private transportation

Packing tips

· Comfortable walking shoes
· Umbrella (just in case!)
· Sun protection
· Sun glasses or hat


Passengers Price per person
2 (minimum) $55
3 $46
4-5 $41
6 $36
7 $33
8-9 $30