Ingapirca & Craft-making Villages

  • Destination: Andes, Cuenca & Southern Andes, Ecuador
  • Price from: $60
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Departs on: Any day (Group tour on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday)
  • Level: Easy
  • Group & Private tour

A chance to start your day with a tour of Ingapirca, the most important Inca complex in Ecuador, followed by to a visit to Gualaceo and Chordeleg, two of the most interesting craft-making villages in southern Ecuador.


The tour will start out driving north of Cuenca along the Pan-American Highway to visit Ingapirca, the most important Inca complex located in Ecuador, for an extensive guided tour during which you will learn about how the Incas completely transformed local culture in just 60 years.
You’ll then enjoy a leasurely lunch before heading to visit Gualaceo and Chordeleg, two of the most important craft-making villages to be found near Cuenca. When visiting Chordeleg (from chorro de oro meaning waterfall of gold) you’ll learn about the production of fine filigree jewelry as well as handmade ceramic pottery. While in Gualaceo you’ll have the opportunity to wander through local fruit and vegetable markets brimming with fresh produce as well as learn about (and taste!) delicious fruit grown only in Ecuador.
Due to high altitude, Ingapirca is located at 3180 meters above sea level, weather can change rapidly. Check with our office prior to departure regarding proper attire.

This tour includes

· A bilingual (English/Spanish) guide
· Private transportation
· Lunch
· Ingapirca entrance fee (for private tours only)

This tour does not includes

· Ingapirca entrance fee $2 (for group tours only)
· Travel insurance
· Tips
· Any other service not mentioned herein

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Only about an hour from Cuenca, Chordeleg is best known for the many jewelry stores that line its streets and main square. The jewelry, which is mostly made from silver, is locally produced.
Gualaceo is known as the garden of Azuay (the name of the province in which it is located). Only about an hour from Cuenca, the village is located in a fertile region best known for the production of fruit. The local market, located near the banks of the river by the same name, is also popular for the hornado (roast pork served with potato cakes and corn).
Located at the top of a hill with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside, Ingapirca is the most important Inca complex located in Ecuador. It was built during the Inca expansion into Ecuador at the end of the 15th century on a site that had been occupied by the Cañari people for 500 years. The original Cañari structures were mostly destroyed and replaced by the Incas and their settlement was probably used as a fortress and place of worship on the Inca road between Cuzco and Quito. Today the Temple of the Sun is the only structure that remains mostly intact. The temple features stone walls constructed in the Inca way using massive blocks chiseled to fit together perfectly without the use of mortar.


Tour type # passengers Price (per person)
Group $60 + $2 entrance
Private 1 $157
Private 2 $154
Private 3 $115
Private 4-5 $105
Private 6-7 $88
Private 8-9 $79
Private 10-15 $75
Private 16-25 $68
Private 26+ $66