Ingapirca & Cuenca City Tour

The tour will take you north of Cuenca to visit Ingapirca, the most important Inca complex located in Ecuador, before returning to Cuenca for lunch before taking an afternoon city tour of the historic city center.


The tour take you north from Cuenca along the Pan-American Highway to visit Ingapirca, the most important Inca complex located in Ecuador, for a guided tour during which you will learn about how the Incas completely transformed local culture in just 60 years. You’ll then return to Cuenca for lunch before taking an afternoon city tour of the historic city center, followed by a short drive to Turi to take in incredible panoramic views of the city and a visit to a Panama hat factory.

This tour includes

· A bilingual (English/Spanish) guide
· Private transportation
· Lunch
· Ingapirca entrance fee

This tour does not includes

· Travel insurance
· Tips
· Any other service not mentioned herein

Group Tours in Ecuador

We’ve created a selection of group tours with regular departures for those traveling around Ecuador on a budget.


Plaza de las Flores
Located next to the New Cathedral and Carmen de la Asunción Church, this square is known for its daily flower market. Here you can buy a wide variety of fresh flowers including arum lilies and lush tropical blooms, plants and bouquets which set the cobbled town square ablaze with color.
Museum of Modern Art
Restored in 1982 the Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno is located on the captivating plaza de San Sebastián and is worth a visit if only for the building itself and its lovely courtyards. Besides its permanent collection, it has temporary exhibitions of Ecuadorian and international modern art.
New Cathedral
The New Cathedral, otherwise known as La Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción, is clearly visible from all over Cuenca and its sky-blue domes have become symbols of the city. It flanks the west side of Parque Calderon, Cuenca’s central plaza. One of its main features are the stained-glass windows by Basque artists Guillermo Larrázabal and ornate gold high altar.
Mirador de Turi
This is the perfect place from which to take in incredible panoramic views of Cuenca perched high on a hillside in the southern suburb of Turi.
Panama hat factory
Homero Ortega hat factory makes some of the best Panama hats in the business. In case you didn’t know, Panama hats are not made in Panama. They are correctly called toquilla straw hats and were first produced in Ecuador in the 17th century and shipped to the rest of the world via Panama. Homero Ortega is an ideal place to understand the history of this iconic headwater. There is a small museum showing the history of the company and the evolution of the Panama hat making process. You’ll also have the opportunity to wander around the factory where they prepare the materials used and create the final product.
Located at the top of a hill with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside, Ingapirca is the most important Inca complex located in Ecuador. It was built during the Inca expansion into Ecuador at the end of the 15th century on a site that had been occupied by the Cañari people for 500 years. The original Cañari structures were mostly destroyed and replaced by the Incas and their settlement was probably used as a fortress and place of worship on the Inca road between Cuzco and Quito. Today the Temple of the Sun is the only structure that remains mostly intact. The temple features stone walls constructed in the Inca way using massive blocks chiseled to fit together perfectly without the use of mortar.


Tour type # passengers Price (per person)
Private 1 $152
Private 2 $145
Private 3 $116
Private 4-5 $95
Private 6-7 $77
Private 8-9 $67
Private 10-15 $61
Private 16-25 $57
Private 26+ $54