Middle of the World

If visiting the middle of the world is on your bucket list then this half day tour is perfect! This half day tour will take you to visit the Intiñan Museum located at 0 degrees on the line that divides the northern and southern hemisphere. On the way you’l visit the beautiful Puluahua crater, one of the largest volcanic craters in the world and the only one that is inhabited due to its lush soil.

This tour includes

· A bilingual (English/Spanish) guide
· All entrance fees
· Private transportation

This tour does not includes

· Tips
· Any other service not mentioned herein

Made-to-Measure Travel

This itinerary is designed to give you an idea of the available options for a visit to Quito and the northern Andes. But keep in mind:

  • We can tailor this trip to suit your needs, tastes, time frame and budget
  • Every aspect of the itinerary can be modified, from the accommodation to the activities


Middle of the World
If you’ve always wanted to tick a visit to the middle of the world, known as la Mitad del Mundo, off your bucket list, then a visit to the equatorial line is a must. The area attracts crowds of visitors to visit the painted line (the actual equator is 250 yards away due to a mix-up in the 1700s) and assorted attractions, which include the Intiñan Museum, the true location of the middle of the world at 0º. The true importance of the monument lies in the fact that Charles Marie de la Condamine’s findings proved that the world bulges at the equator and is not perfectly round, as was once believed.
Pululahua Volcano
Pululahua is one of the largest volcanic craters in the world, 34km2 and 5km wide, which was last active about 2500 years ago. There is a lava dome rising 500m at the center which is covered in lush cloud forest vegetation. Pululahua was declared a Geobotanical Reserve in 1966. Pululahua is Quichua for cloud of water in reference to the fog that rolls in everyday at midday to fill the crater (it’s best visited early in the morning for this reason!) and which is the only real source of water for local crops. It is one of only two inhabited volcanic craters in the world, and the only one which is cultivated due to its rich soils on the crater floor. Pululahua enjoys a unique microclimate which supports cloud forests, orchids and all kinds of plants that grow on the crater walls and lava dome.


Tour type # passengers Price (per person)
Group $49
Private 1 $118
Private 2 $62
Private 3 $38
Private 4-6 $55
Private 7-26 $35