Quito City & Cable Car & Middle of the World

A perfect introduction to Quito, this whirlwind tour will give you a sense of where Quito is in the world and what it has to offer. You’ll start with a visit to the Teleférico, Quito’s cable car and one of the world’s highest aerial rides, for great views of the city and the volcanoes that surround it. You’ll then visit the Middle of the World and its Intiñan Museum located at 0 degrees. Afterwards you’ll enjoy a tour of the historic center of Quito, including its Plaza de la Independencia, the Cathedral, the Archbishops Palace and more. You’ll end this Quito tour with a visit to Panecillo Hill where the Virgin of Quito keeps watch over the city.

This tour includes

· A bilingual (English/Spanish) guide
· Lunch
· All entrance fees
· Private transportation

This tour does not includes

· Tips
· Any other service not mentioned herein

Made-to-Measure Travel

This itinerary is designed to give you an idea of the available options for a visit to Quito and the northern Andes. But keep in mind:

  • We can tailor this trip to suit your needs, tastes, time frame and budget
  • Every aspect of the itinerary can be modified, from the accommodation to the activities


Known as la cathedral, Quito’s Cathedral is located on the la Plaza de la Independence. It’s a striking white church with a single belltower which was completed in 1567. It was made the Cathedral of Ecuador in 1995, is a Catholic cathedral and is now home to art from the Quite school that is known for combining Spanish and indigenous cultural themes (such as the Wise Men mounted on llamas in the Nativity scene), and you can also visit the volcanic rock-hewn tomb of Quito’s liberator Antonio José de Sucre. There is a gorgeous 18th century tableau entitled The Holy Shroud behind the choir.
Middle of the World
If you’ve always wanted to tick a visit to the middle of the world, known as la Mitad del Mundo, off your bucket list, then a visit to the equatorial line is a must. The area attracts crowds of visitors to visit the painted line (the actual equator is 250 yards away due to a mix-up in the 1700s) and assorted attractions, which include the Intiñan Museum, the true location of the middle of the world at 0º. The true importance of the monument lies in the fact that Charles Marie de la Condamine’s findings proved that the world bulges at the equator and is not perfectly round, as was once believed.
Panecillo Hill
Colloquially known as El Panecillo, Panecillo Hill is a small hill that is now home to the 45m-high Virgen de Quito which can be seen from the center of Quito. The hill was known as Shugoloma (Hill of the Heart) by the Incas, and was where the Incas worshiped the sun. It later became a Spanish fortress. These days it is a great place from which to get a 360 degree view of Quito, with Cotopaxi in the distance.
The Spanish-colonial historic center of Quito, capital city of Ecuador, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978 which has helped it invest in a complete make-over over the past decade. At 2850 meters above sea level it is the second highest capital city in the world. It is also one of the best-preserved historic city centers in the Americas. The old town is packed with architectural treasures, art-filled churches, colonial monuments and picturesque plazas, combined with the throbbing pulse of everyday life.
The cable car in Quito is a great way to get a sense of the city. It will take you from the foothills of Pichincha Volcano up 1100 meters to the top at 4050 meters in its fleet of six-passenger gondola cars. At the bottom there is a shopping center and Vulqano Park (an amusement park). At the top there are restaurants, shops and a first-aid station. The volcano summit is 215 meters higher. The best time to visit is in the afternoon or evening to get a clear view.



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Private 16-21 $62
Private 22-26 $57