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Susudel & Oña (condors)

  • Destination: Andes, Cuenca & Southern Andes, Ecuador
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  • Duration: 1 day
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  • Level: Moderate
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If you’re traveling in southern Ecuador, and based in Cuenca, a visit to Susudel and Oña is a great way to learn about the surrounding countryside. This tour is a combination of visits to cultural highlights as well as getting to know some of the most interesting natural wonders in the area. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see a condor in its natural habitat.


During this tour you’ll explore the area around Susudel and Oña. The tour includes hiking to visit trigonometrical points on Cerro Silbán, visiting the church at Susudel, visiting a weaving association, hiking the Jubones Canyon to do some condor spotting, exploring the cobblestone streets of San Felipe de Oña and having lunch in the Buenos Aires neighborhood. After lunch you’ll take a two hour hike to the Rodeo Waterfall.
Optional extras include a visit a local tequila factory or to do the same tour by bike (max 15 persons), replacing the hikes with bike rides, for an additional fee.

This tour includes

· A bilingual (English/Spanish) guide
· Private transportation
· Lunch
· Entrance fees

This tour does not include

· Tequila factory tour
· Bike rental
· Travel insurance
· Tips
· Any other service not mentioned herein

Packing tips

· Good walking shoes
· Rain jacket
· Sun cream


Cañón del Rio Jubones
River Jubones is the main river in the El Oro province of Ecuador. The hike takes between 45 minutes to an hour through the Jubones river valley. From the mirador de Pullicanga (a lookout) you can see the 32000 hectares of protected area created by the town halls of Oña, Nabón and Saraguro to conserve the condor. If you’re lucky you’ll spot one of these marvelous creatures.
Cascada de Rodeo
When hiking to the Rodeo Waterfall, the landscape is low mountainous forest, covered in small bushes, many of them endemic to the area and used for medicinal purposes. You’ll see many bromelias and orchids. On the way you’ll see two rivers, the Río Negro and the Río Rodeo. The waterfall itself is great for swimming (with water temperatures about 8 degrees).
Cerro Silbán
The French Geodesic Mission was an 18th-century expedition to what is now Ecuador for the purpose of measuring the roundness of the Earth and measuring the length of a degree of latitude at the Equator. It was one of the first geodesic missions carried out using modern scientific principles and the first major international scientific expedition.The equatorial mission was led by French astronomers Charles Marie de La Condamine, Pierre Bouguer, Louis Godin and the Spanish geographers Jorge Juan and Antonio de Ulloa. During a short hike you’ll visit one of the trigonometrical points located at Cerro Silbán which was installed during French Geodesic Mission.
The condor is a New World vulture. They are the largest flying land birds in the Western Hemisphere, In Ecuador lives the Andean condor (vultur gryphus) in the Andean mountains. The name derives from the Quechua kuntur. Condors are very large broad-winged soaring birds, the Andean being shorter from beak to tail, but larger in wingspan. The Andean condor is second only to the wandering albatross in terms of wingspan among all living flying birds.
San Felipe de Oñá
San Felipe de Oña is located in southern Azuay and was once a pit stop for travel between Cuenca and Loja. In 2013 it was given the status of Cultural Heritage by the Ecuadorian government which has helped preserve it’s architecture, with it’s cobblestone streets and patrimonial houses. It is considered one of the oldest towns in Ecuador. Within the neighborhood of San Francisco you’ll find Bella de Paris, a beautiful building famous for the depiction of traditional life on its colonial facade.
Susudel Church
Susudel Church is famous for its thick adobe walls which are over one meter wide. It was completed in 1752.
Tequila Factory
The tequila produced in the area is becoming known throughout South America due to it’s quality and purity. It is produced in an entirely artisan fashion, involving several families in the Zhila community. Tequila was first produced in the area about 25 years ago by Salvador Ortega, in whose home you’ll have the opportunity to taste their tequila. During the tasting you’ll learn about the plants, collection of mishqui, as well as taste locally made honey. You’ll also have the chance to purchase their produce.

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Private 16-25 $41
Private 26+ $35

* Add $15 per person to do the same tour by bike for bike rental.