Mindo Adventure and sweet (FRIDAY)

Mindo Adventure and sweet (FRIDAY)

Ecuador, Andes

$50 /person
8 hours
Group tour
Level easy

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To the northwest and as one of the nearby attractions of Quito, passing by the famous monument to the Middle of the World we have Mindo with its hot humid climate for being on the border between two regions; the Andes and the Ecuadorian coast. Its cloud forest, place of life for many bird species; biologists, bird watchers, scientists and adventurers visit it. In our 1-day tour on a shared basis our first visit will be to the Butterfly and Orchidarium, then we will go up to the high part and practice canopy over the cloud forest, if we are lucky we will be able to see some types of birds flying next to us, after this extreme experience we will cross the Tarabita on the other side of the river and walk on a trail down to the river and swim. After this refreshing adventure we return to the village to go to the artisan chocolate factory to learn about all the processes of its preparation.

  • • Bilingual guide Spanish/English.
  • • Authorized tourist transport.
  • • Menu type meals (lunch).


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